Teerthraj Machkund in Dholpur

Dholpur is an ancient city that reveals various chronology testimonials. In that, one of the majestic and wonderful places of tourism to watch in Dholpur is Teerthraj Machkund. It is situated on the banks of Chambal River in Rajasthan. Though, Dholpur is known for Chambal Safari, but Teerthraj Machkund adds religious values to this place.

Mesmerizing View of famous Teerthraj Machkund in Dholpur

Placed in the midst of landscaped area, Teerthraj Machkund is prominent location of religious tourism, especially for Hindu community. It is situated four kilometers from the main town in the serene of calm ambiance. This deep lake is believed to be sacred and spiritually named after 24th Suryavanshi Raja Machh.

History of Teerthraj Machkund

There is very interesting story behind the inception of Teerthraj Machkund in Dholpur. Way back in mythological period, the demon called Kaal Yamaan unknowingly woke up the Raja Machhkund who was sleeping at this place. Due to divine gift from lord, the king has the power to destroy any person. Therefore, for disturbing in his sleep, Raja Machhkund burnt the demon Kaal Yamaan at this exact place.

Important Place of Teerthraj Machkund in Dholpur

Significance of Teerthraj Machkund

Teerthraj Machkund was an ancient establishment that is believed to be constructed many years ago. It is significantly surrounded by small to medium temples built during BC 775 to BC 915. These temples were constructed by numerous kings who ruled over this place during that phase of time. This lake is reckoned as sacred by Hinduism and it is firm belief that tanks are very pious for people taking plunge in its water.

Beautiful View of Teerthraj Machkund in Dholpur

The entire structure of Teerthraj Machkund is built with famous stone of Dholpur. This stone is native production of Dholpur and it is widely used in many remarkable monuments of India. Its architecture and designing showcases the antiquity of Indian mythology. A magnificent fortress is also found in the vicinity of lake which is an ideal place to have glimpses of ancient architecture.

Activities at Teerthraj Machkund in Dholpur

Machkund holds remarkable stage in Hinduism and well known for significant values of spirituality. It is considered a small teerth, a holy pilgrimage of Indians. Every year, a huge fair is organized on this venue during Bhado month of Hindu calendar. A holy festival of Dev chhat is celebrated in the form of fair at Teerthraj Machkund in Dholpur. The city witnesses huge turnout of devotees during this phase of time. Apart from this phase, it is calm and pleasant place to spend quality time with friends and companion while coming for Dholpur tourism.

Activities at Teerthraj Machkund in Dholpur

How to reach Machkund in Dholpur

Machkund is well known pilgrim place of Dholpur. It is situated just 4 km from main city which can be covered with local transport facility. Auto rickshaws are easily available on fixed price to reach Teerthraj Machkund. It is situated on the western direction of city which can be effortlessly approached through private vehicle as well.
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