Emergency Services in Dholpur

Every well planned city needs to be ready for unrecognized incidences which require immediate emergency services. Being the district head quarter and main city of Rajasthan, Dholpur also holds some of the imperative emergency services to serve its people. These services are rendered by government officials and private parties as per their mutual compatibility. Let us look some of the significant emergency services existing in the city of Dholpur.

Emergency Services Available in Dholpur

Police in Dholpur

Law and Order of the city is the responsibility of Rajasthan Police in Dholpur. It works under the directions of Superintendent of Police along with Additional SP. Police officials has been employed as huge force and deployed at every corner of city along with other district areas. During emergency, police services are firstly required by people in Dholpur. As such, this department plays an important role during critical incidences like accident, robbery, burglary, crime, murder, etc.

Rajasthan Police Services Available in Dholpur

Police services during emergencies work with optimum specialization and with proper use of government machinery for quick relief. This service is the epicenter of all emergency services as they coordinate well with ambulance service, emergency hospitals, fire brigade, disaster management, and other such services in the city.

Emergency Hospitals in Dholpur

To minimize casualties during the time of disaster, there are well established 24 hour emergency hospitals located in the city of Dholpur. They render wonderful service to admit severe cases of accident, road mishap, cardiac arrest, or any other critical problems. Their well managed 24 hour service makes medical treatment available at any point of time and that too with advanced facilities. Dedicated staff and experienced doctors offer proper treatment with the help of modern equipments and ICU facilities. Even administration has set up medical assistance emergency room for immediate medical help in Dholpur.

24 hour Emergency Hospitals found in Dholpur

Emergency Room: 05642 - 220851
CMHO: 05642 - 220733
Janana Hospital: 05642 - 220738

Ambulance Services in Dholpur

Ambulance is an important emergency service that helps victim to reach hospital speedily. In Dholpur, ambulances not only take patients to hospital but also provide essential first aid or life support on stretcher itself. These services increase the chances of saving life of people living in Dholpur. Some of them provide services to remote area and take critical patients to other major cities like Agra and Gwalior for better treatment during emergency.

24 Hour Emegency Ambulance Service in Dholpur

Ambulance service: 108/ 102

Chemist Services in Dholpur

Chemists are also one of the important services that play an imperative role in saving life during emergency. To cure sick and critical patients, chemist services are required at great extent. During emergency, these services may be required at night as well because sometimes, patient does not have that much time to wait for medicines and drugs. In Dholpur, there are some popular chemists that open their shops for 24 hours which enable people to get all medicines round the clock. This is really a life saving emergency service located in the city of Dholpur.

Blood Banks in Dholpur

Often casualties are more dangerous due to excess loss of blood. In accidents, many times patient needs blood transplant to save life. Hence, in Dholpur, there is few blood banks established to provide blood bags to patients in need. Blood banks in Dholpur collect blood from donors and keep them safely as directed according to their blood group. They also keep plasma, platelets, and other elements of blood which can be transmitted to patients when it is required.

Valuable Blood Bank Emergency Services Available in Dholpur

General Hospital Blood Bank
Phone No: 05642 - 220738

Fire Brigade Services in Dholpur

Fire Stations are most accomplished services to tackle all emergency situations. They are ready for manmade and natural disasters and also called as mini disaster team of Dholpur. They provide their imperative services during flood, fire outrage, trap, or any other such critical episode. They are ready with all equipments including their water cannons to overcome such situations. They are specially trained to minimize casualties and provide optimum emergency services to the people in distress.

Emergency Fire Brigade Services in Dholpur

Fire Brigade Station
Phone No: 05642 - 220888

Other Emergency Services in Dholpur

Apart from these imperative services, often people need other services like electricity office, LPG gas provider, telephone office, railway or bus station numbers, or numbers of Nagar Palika of Dholpur. Emergencies are unpredictable. Hence, you should always be ready with all important contact details and information to face these situations. Other emergency services in Dholpur are:

Electricity: 05642 - 220850/ 220830/ 220637/ 220613/ 220641
Water Supply: 05642 - 220728/ 220805
BSNL Office: 05642 - 22000
Railway Station: 05642 - 220797
Bus Station: 05642 - 241578/ 241824
Nagar Parishad: 05642 – 220848
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